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The soil moisture level was found to be maximum at all the depths under Eucalyptus plantation of age group 7-9 years at both the sites. Abbasi and Vinithan (1997) have established that Eucalyptus hybrid plantations do not deplete soil moisture and their performance in their report always compared favourably with plantation of other tree species. Leiden, the Netherlands: Backhuys Publishers, 132-137. Relationships between site characteristics and survival strategies of Eucalyptus camaldulensis seedlings. Invasive alien organisms in the Namib desert, upper Karoo and the arid and semi-arid savannas of western southern Africa. List of Alien Invasive Species occurring in Jamaica., The United States Node of the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Net (IABIN). in Bangladesh. Eucalypts for planting. Extensive stands along watercourses are likely to cause a significant reduction in stream flow. Crous PW; Alfenas AC, 1995. Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. Eucalyptus - its reputation and its roots: millet and a Eucalyptus shelterbelt in northern Nigeria. www.europe-aliens.org/default.do. Later, the Division of Forestry had planted 429,000 trees by 1960, and many more trees were planted by private landowners. Cambridge University Press, U.K. : 243-260. Although mainly a tree of depositional or alluvial sites it sometimes extends to slopes at higher elevations, as in the Mt. 1976. 9, vi + 115 pp. Patel, V.J. Wagner WL; Herbst DR; Sohmer SH, 1999. Responses to waterlogging/salinity and alkalinity. We are highly thankful to Dr. Prabhaker Dubey, Silviculturist, Southern Region, U.P., Kanpur for providing full support and facilities during the studies. Jacobs MR, 1981. Clonal forestry in Morocco: propagation and maturation problems. Los Baños, Philippines: FAO of the United Nations. Orwa C; Mutua A; Kindt R; Jamnadass R; Simons A, 2009. Doran JC; Wongkaew W, 1997. ttp://i3n.iabin.net/, Ishiguri F; Iizuka K; Tanabe J; Wedatama S; Yokota S; Yoshizawa N; Diloksumpun S, 2012. refulgens, which is regarded as a facultative phreatophyte that is dependent on groundwater for part of its lifecycle and/or in times of drought, and has been reported to be tolerant of groundwater falls of up to 4 m per year (Maunsell Australia Pty In India, about 170-species of Eucalyptus have been tried upto 2200 m. altitude with an annual rainfall range of 400- 4000 mm. Natural History of Cousin Island. Journal of Applied Ecology, 32(4):817-826; 36 ref. There was more soil moisture under Eucalyptus than a nearby open area even after three consecutive drought years. The PLANTS Database. 1. habit Cape Town, South Africa: Paarl Printers. The trend of decrease or increase in the soil moisture under plantation as well as in control was similar in respective soil depths. Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. Eucalyptus rostrata var. 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In plantations, it can have a clear bole of up to 20 m with an erect, lightly-branched crown. 5(1). Working paper No. http://www.worldagroforestry.org/Sites/TreeDBS/AFT/AFT.htm. The time of flowering in natural stands depends on locality. ; 9 ref. Melbourne, Australia: Inkata Press. Darrow WK, 1995. ; 73 pp. Marcar NE; Crawford DF; Leppert PL; Jovanovic T; Floyd R; Farrow R, 1995. Canberra, Australia: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting. Alien woody plants in Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park (Buenos Aires): impact assessment and a proposal for their control. (1993). Eucalyptus species Eucalyptus camaldulensis Name Synonyms Eucalyptus camaldulensis var. Proceedings IUFRO Conference, Mutare. thesis. 8 refs. Eucalypt Plantations: Improving Fibre Yield and Quality. On making comparison regarding soil moisture variations between Eucalyptus plantation of different age groups with control, it was revealed that the control exhibited the lower values of soil moisture at both the sites. Indian Forester, 123(8) : 710-735. Technical note: solid wood properties of Eucalyptus camaldulensis planted for pulpwood production in Thailand. The observations on soil moisture levels were statistically analysed. Two year results of E. camaldulensis clonal test in Turkey. PROTA, 2015. World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 432 pp. Dawson TE; Pate JS, 1996. Kumaravelu G; Stanley J; Rai RSV; Balan Sampson; Sampson V, 1995. The PLANTS Database. Raulerson L, 2006. Commonwealth Forestry Review, 72(3):198-202; 11 ref. Doran JC; Matheson AC, 1994. ; 63 pl. [Ensayos de introduccion del genero Eucalyptus en algunas regiones de Mexico.] of ref. 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E. camaldulensis roots form symbiotic mycorrhizal associations with various fungi. The effect of coppice cutting on the water balance of Eucalyptus camaldulensis. Pukittayacamee P; Saelim S; Bhodthipuks J, 1993. Unasylva, 30(121):29-32; 4 pl. London, UK: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Packaged fungi for faster plantation growth. Singhal and J.K. Rawat, Pub. Catalogue of the Seed Plants of the West Indies. The physico- chemical characteristics of the soil at both the experimental sites, as analysed at Forest Research Institute, Kanpur are presented in Table- 1. 593. The species can be found along the banks of watercourses, as well as the floodplains of those watercourses. http://www.nps.gov/plants/alien/list/e.htm. Doran JC; Pinyopusarerk K; Arnold R; Harwood C, 1996. The PLANTS Database, Version 3.5. Mycologia, 87(1):121-126, DAISIE, 2015. Manual - Sagarnath Forest Development Project, Ministry of Forests, Nepal. 35, Heft/ Fase. Pryor LD; Byrne OR, 1969. In Australia, for the northern variety, the mean maximum temperature for the hottest month is in the range 28-40°C; the mean minimum for the coldest month is in the range 6-22°C; and the absolute minimum temperature has been reported as being in the range -3 to 6°C. Introduction trials of the genus Eucalyptus in some regions of Mexico. Seasonal water uptake and movement in root systems of Australian phraeatophytic plants of dimorphic root morphology: a stable isotope investigation. During early eighties some psuedo-environmentalists started advocating strong propaganda, though not based on scientific research, that Eucalyptus dries out the sub-soil water consequently, lowering the water table. 3. fruiting branch, Managed forests, plantations and orchards, Mean maximum temperature of hottest month (ºC), Mean minimum temperature of coldest month (ºC), number of consecutive months with <40 mm rainfall, GISD/IASPMR: Invasive Alien Species Pathway Management Resource and DAISIE European Invasive Alien Species Gateway. Keating WG; Bolza E, 1982. Department of Crop Production and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Botswana, 40 pp. Hancock IR; Henderson CP, 1988. 127-137. Forest trees of Australia. Zalba SM, 1995. 7 (1), 6-8. Ectomycorrhizal or dual ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal (vesicular-arbuscular or VA) associations can occur in the genus (Brundrett et al., 1996). Charles Darwin Foundation, 2008. In: University of Guam Herbarium Contribution, 37 1-69. ; 19 pp. Hobart, Australia: CRC for Temperate Hardwood Forestry, 274-275. CABI is a registered EU trademark. In: Atoll Research Bulletin, 273-281. http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/39968914. Family: Myrtaceae. Ashwani, Kumar, Rai, A.M., Srivastava, R.J. and Dixit, R.K. 1995. In India, about 170-species of Eucalyptus have been tried upto 2200 m. altitude with an annual rainfall range of 400- 4000 mm. camaldulensis, Eucalyptus camaldulensis var. Monographs on Eucalyptus camaldulensis, E. microtheca, E. tereticornis. Version 1.1. Plant Conservation Alliance. It was given immense importance in large-scale afforestation especially in social forestry and agro- forestry programmes during seventies a… Coppen JWJ, 2002. Geldenhuys C J, Roux P J le, Cooper K H, 1986. According to Brown and Gubb (1986) it is reported in the following habitats in South Africa: farmsteads, kraals, urban outskirts, timber plantations, road and railway verges, quarried and mining land, dry river floodplains, episodic river banks, sandy and rocky land. There are nearly 600 known species of Eucalyptusdistributed globally. 63. Canberra, Austrlia: CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products. In the wild, insects such as termites and aphids and rodents may be troublesome to E. camaldulensis. Geldenhuys CJ; Roux PJ le; Cooper KH, 1986. It is the … Mendel Z, 1987. In: Encyclopedia of biological invasions, [ed. Invasive woody plants. In Thailand, some provenances (Gilbert River, Queensland, Petford, Queensland, and Isdell River, Western Australia) flower throughout the year on a range of sites, although autumn (September-November) is the peak period (Wasuwanich, 1989).

eucalyptus camaldulensis water requirements

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