...Did you enjoy it?Said when the players complete the Valkyrie Drone task. Gorod Krovi Training Spot Discussion i'm not sure how well known this is, but by far my favourite training spot in Gorod Krovi is training in a loop beginning in the Infirmary and running through the department store before circling back through Armoury and using the Elevator Trap (Bridge) to … Definitely.While repairing a barricade. Who left this just lying here...?Upon picking up a part. Why are you all still trying? Nikolai: This should do job. So, anyway, it was around then that i was forced to... step in.Said when the fourth wisp is shot. Pinky promise!Said when the third wisp is shot. Are you trying to bring me out in a rush?Upon getting hit by a zombie. I aim to make things better, for all of us.Nikolai: I have long since giving up trying to make sense of your riddles, Richtofen. You may now take a moment to rest. Your performance was better than expected. One man's junk is another man's...junk.Upon picking up a part. Said when inserting a code cylinder into a Groph Module Launch Control console.Deploying Module. Eugh, is machine connected to city sewer line?Upon consuming Juggernog. Stupid undead bastard! Despite possibility of faulty Russian wiring, I would like to secure the subject for... analysis. I was so wrong!After traveling through the sewer system. We'll just leave it at that. Some things are forgotten for a REASON!In response to Nikolai in the ending cutscene, right before shooting him. The universe... is big. We get through this, we get the better future Richtofen keeps promising us.Nikolai: Promises can be broken, Dempsey. You have our password, now you help us.Upon entering the password to S.O.P.H.I.A. Acquire transmitter parts, and assemble, to proceed.Said when interacting with a dragon console before acquiring the dragon network controller parts. Neutralizing threat.Said when attacking a player. As long as he doesn't set Nikolai on fire...Upon taking out the Gauntlet of Siegfried. Probably should go see a dentist when this is all over...Upon consuming a Gobblegum. Muahaha!Upon receiving the Monkey Bombs from the Mystery Box. We have been through many battles, Ray Gun. We will complete our mission.Takeo: Long ago, you told me I would hear voices and that I should trust them.Richtofen: Ja, Takeo. Didn't I tell you? The vessel you constructed for him back in World War 1 somehow shielded him from the influence of Element 115. TESTING, TESTING! Incubate my egg, incubate!When putting the Dragon Egg in the incubator. Tactiic 10,917 views. No reason to conserve ammo now!Upon receiving Max ammo. I miss him.Upon receiving any weapon from the Mystery Box. Maxis told me he had a plan. Said when the dragon is leaving a platform.Dragon is airborne. Locate missing code units to proceed.Said in response to the player character asking about a power core. You wouldn't take candy from a baby, would you? Everything else has been... delusional fantasy that distance you from painful truth. You know how people say that every snowflake is unique? But the universe, is deeply unstable right now. Threat returning to manageable levels. ...but then again, when is opportune time?Upon running out of ammo. Richtofen tried to kill Samantha. Detecting Valkyrie Drones in area.Said at the beginning of a Valkyrie Drone round. Said when trying to insert a code cylinder into the wrong Groph Module Launch Control console.Invalid cylinder code for this terminal. Ascension Protocol complete. Those wounds are fresh, aren't they? After the island, I believed I would never again inhale such foul odors. Doctor's orders. I am happy.Said when the players complete the Groph Module task. Dragon leaving area.Said when the dragon leaves a platform. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon, Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine. You should at least know your way around the area, right?Nikolai: Why do you assume I know my way around? I am Strategic Operations Planning Heuristic Intelligence Analyzer. I think little dragon will be Nikolai's new best friend! Your failure represents an unacceptable level of performance.Said upon failing a task. Searching out just the right versions of you - the ones who held the key to closing off the other dimensions. " Lead a horse to water, can't make 'em drink. Said when preparing to self-destruct.System critical. Fascists must be repelled!Said while walking around. Hmm, must be origin of name.Upon receiving an Assault Rifle from the Mystery Box. War is all I will ever truly understand. Show more care this time. Good things rarely last!Upon running out of ammo. You...are not Dr. Maxis. I...I really don't know. I am still trapped in the rubble. You don't really know who you are, do you? Existing across and beyond time and space itself. Once more, we are blessed with fresh supplies.Upon receiving Max Ammo. In total there are 3 parts to this and 3 quotes to hear from this cute little sparkly.....thing. I was wrong. In the house.Said when the fifth wisp is shot. This is Russian wood... best wood, Russian wood. Beginning information extraction.Said after Dr. Gersh is captured. Is painful!Upon receiving a Nuke. When translated to English Gorod Krovi Means City of Blood. I have seen enough death to last a lifetime.Upon reviving another player. Dempsey: So Richtofen, are we gonna talk about the blood?Richtofen: You can if you want. You can make this work.Upon receiving a Sniper Rifle from the Mystery Box. Provide cylinder code. We inch ever closer to the last.Upon receiving the Ray Gun from the Mystery Box. Mark my words, it is his nature. ", but the thing is, all I can really do is give things a little nudge! A soviet with vodka is super soviet!During boss fight. Bring it to me. Together, we will defeat dragon!After he receives the power core. After you … Seeing your furry little face always cheers me up!Upon receiving the Monkey Bomb from the mystery box. I am not as stupid as you look.Dempsey: Look on the bright side, Nikolai.

gorod krovi quotes

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