(uncredited), makeup artist: Claudette Colbert (uncredited). Written by Alfie Hitchie. 'Imitation of of Life', is one of my all time favorite movies. In the 1959 film the role of Sarah Jane is played by actors Susan Kohner as Sarah Jane, age 19 and Karin Dicker as Sarah Jane, age 8 . When Susan Kohner, the actress that played Sarah Jane, was asked about playing her role, she stated, “ I never had qualms about playing a black character because prior to my Imitation role, I played other ethnic characters” (Schuler). In Imitation of Life, Sarah Jane was the daughter of a black housekeeper, who wanted to pass as a white female. (uncredited), Japanese Customer in Pancake Shop Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. Lora Meredith, a white widow who dreams of being on Broadway, has a chance encounter with Annie Johnson, a black single mother. Imitation of Life (1934) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. She played a light-skinned black woman who "passed" for white as a child and young adult. Imitation of Life (1959) The last film in Hollywood of director Douglas Sirk (Written on the Wind), the 1959 Imitation of Life--an adaptation of Fannie Hurst's novel--is an endlessly fascinating film that speaks volumes about the American journey toward materialism and the racial tensions that are inseparable from it. Kohner’s mother was Mexican actress Lupita Tovar and father Czech producer/agent Paul Kohner. See which other trailers racked up the views this year. Release date, April 30, 1959. Annie becomes the caretaker of Lora's daughter, Susie, while Lora pursues her stage career. (uncredited), Young Man Proposing Toast The 1959 film was a remake of a 1934 version of a book of the same name. A quick plot summary — aspiring actress Lora Meredith (Lana Turner) lives alone with her daughter, Susie (Sandra Dee). In ad­di­tion, Ko… (uncredited), Peola's Frontrow Classmate (uncredited), Young Woman at Party She is an actress, known for, Once a Star Always a Star: Turner's Scandals on TCM, Sirk Offers Gaudy Social Commentaries: You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Remember, 5 Things You May Not Know About Douglas Sirk's 'Imitation Of Life,' 53 Years Since Since It Was First Released, Women's Day: Oscar-Nominated Mother-and-Daughter Roles. (uncredited), Jackson's Restaurant Manager Sarah Jane Johnson is Annie Johnson's daughter; Annie is black, and Annie describes Sarah Jane's father as being a very, very light-skinned black man. | | Company Credits "Woof Woof! (uncredited), Teacher Outside Classroom In 1959 Douglas Sirk fooled audiences into thinking they were watching a melodrama about Lana Turner conquering Broadway. The expensive, glossy Ross Hunter production, directed by Douglas Sirk and starring Lana Turner, was a box office smash. In her most notable role, Kohner played Sarah Jane in Imitation of Life, portraying a light-skinned black woman who "passes" as white. She is best known for her role as Sarah Jane in Imitation of Life (1959), for which she was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe award. Karin Dicker was born on December 22, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Karin Dale Dicker. (uncredited), Peola Johnson, Age 4 Meanwhile, Susie has been found and looked after by Annie Johnson (Juanita Moore), who is also a single mother with a daughter, Sarah Jane (portrayed as a child by Karin Dicker), who is about Susie's age. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, TCM RACE AND HOLLYWOOD: BLACK IMAGES ON FILM, Englishman at Party She was so conformable playing these roles because she was biracial herself. Karin Dicker was born on December 22, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Karin Dale Dicker. No one played Sarah Jane's father in Imitation of Life. Lora hires Annie Johnson (Juanita Moore) as her live-in maid, and Annie brings along her light-skinned daughter, Sarah Jane (Susan Kohner). (uncredited), Jessie Pullman, Age 8 Directed by Douglas Sirk Produced by Ross Hunter in 1959. Her character’s life spirals out of control as she makes one bad decision after another. (uncredited), Peola Johnson, Age 10 Paul Kohner was Susan Kohner's father in real life, a major Hollywood agent whose clients included Lana Turner. Film literature describes Imitation Of Life as a passing film, which basically means that one of the characters in this film is pretending to be something he or she is not. The ex­pen­sive, glossy Ross Hunter pro­duc­tion, di­rected by Dou­glas Sirk and star­ring Lana Turner, was a box of­fice smash. In 1947, single mother Lora Meredith (Lana Turner) dreams of becoming a famous Broadway actress. Juanita Moore beautifully portrayed Annie’s heartbreak and a mother’s unconditional love. The 1959 film was a re­make of a 1934 ver­sion of a book of the same name. There are a few scenes that are tear jerkers, so you might want to keep the tissues handy. Imitation of Life told the story of Sarah Jane, a light-skinned Black girl (both of her parents were Black) who could pass for white, and was played by Susan Kohner. Lora ends up having great success and takes care of both girls and of Annie financially. Both Susan Kohner and Juanita Moore won an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the movie. Losing track of her young daughter Susie (portrayed as a child by Terry Burnham) at a crowded Coney Island beach, she asks a stranger, Steve Archer (John Gavin), to help her find the girl. This critique discusses the 1959 version of Imitation of Life directed by Douglas Sirk. Thank you :) Amanda (born November 11, 1936) is an American former actress who worked in film and television. Though not Black, Susan Kohner portrayed Sarah Jane. Lank Turner (Lora… Most of Kohner's film roles came dur­ing the late 1950s and early 1960s, in­clud­ing co-star­ring with Sal Mineo in both Dino (1957) and The Gene Krupa Story(1959). Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. The casts of characters include; Lank Turner (Lora Meredith), Juanita Moore(Annie Johnson), Susan Kohner(Sarah Jane), Sandra Dee(Susie), John Gavin (Steve Archer). Release Dates (uncredited), Party Guest Saying Goodbye Juanita Moore, who broke barriers for African-American actors and was Oscar-nommed for 1959's "Imitation of Life," died Tuesday at her home in … Susan Kohner (born November 11, 1936) is an American actress, who worked in film and television. Annie was a widow. After We Collided nabbed the #1 spot in our top trailers of 2020. She is best known for her role as Sarah Jane in Imitation of Life (1959), for which she was nominated for an Oscar and won two Golden Globe awards. | She played an African-American woman (of mixed ancestry) who passed for white for a time in her life. When attempting to cross ethnic barriers, there are gains for the person who decides to attempt to pass. In her most no­table role, Kohner played Sarah Jane in Im­i­ta­tion of Life, por­tray­ing an African-Amer­i­can woman who "passes" as white. She has been married to Steven C. Sarott since July 1, 1997. | Susan Kohner, who played Sarah Jane, actually steals the show. (uncredited), Mr. Bristol, Landlord She is an actress, known for Imitation of Life (1959), This Man Dawson (1959) and Lassie (1954). With the help of … Karin Dicker. Filming & Production The so-called "one-drop rule" was enacted into American state laws in the early 20th century. Official Sites

who played sarah jane in imitation of life

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