The re-brand of the AKG K701s nets another fantastic set of headphones, endorsed by none other than Quincy Jones himself. 100. AKG Q701 Review 01 Aug. Firstly the good stuff: I just wanted to state just how impressed I am with the AKG Q701s! AKG K712 Pro Review. bigger. AKG has a rich history in terms of monitoring headphones, and its K7 series has been responsible for several industry legends. The K712 Pro sports a striking appearance of orange and black. YouTubes on the Q701 by Quincy Jones, and totally weird, but quite good xtranormal K701 review. AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Review. Next to highly-regarded AKG headphones like the Quincy Jones-branded AKG Q701, the K550 are significantly warmer, and easier-going. If you remember from my AKG Q701 vs. K701 review, the Q701 improved upon that flaw that was apparent in the K701 (abnormally large sound-stage). Written and Tested by Chris Thomas. I made a review of the AKG Q701 after getting them recently. The newer Chinese models sold on amazon don’t have any bumps however. The K712 is said to improve upon that even more. The AKG Q701 are realy large headphones, but light, solid and very comfortable for long listening periods. So, AKG decided to relaunch its older, but still among the best, headphones AKG K701 as Quincy Jones Q701. Coining the term "Varimotion" for their two-layer diaphragm, AKG has varied the thickness of the material such that it's stiffer in the middle and more pliant at the edges, which provides better pistoning action without modal break-up. 10 Hz ~ 39 kHz, unqualified. If you are looking for a neutral pair of headphones, the HD600 might even be at endgame-level for you, so it makes sense to … Read honest and … Read Full Review. A screw-on 1/4” stereo adapter plug is included. Disclaimer: I asked Dale if he would be interested in reviewing the new AKG flag ship, the K812, for us and he sent in his review straight away. AKG Q701 Vs. DT990 600 ohm Gear used for testing HRT Music Streamer II -> Matrix M-Stage (w/OPA602BP) Gaming: Astro MixAmp 5.8 -> Matrix M-Stage Quick comparison The three areas where they differ the most are treble, mids, and soundstage, in that order. For once, the celebrity endorsement does not mean one would be paying too much for too little, at the current price point Q701 is a good investment. Sensitivity. These over-the-ear cans are championed by legendary producer Quincy Jones, and they are designed and engineered by an Austrian company. These come in an all-black version, or all-black with red highlights and both include a few tweaks to the K702 formula to … AKG 701 review. I hope you like it. Technical and bright. I put them on immediately after I received them and for 3-4 hours I was very pleased to listen to all kind of music (rock, classic, blues, pop, jazz) and found out it sounded really great. Q701 vs HD600: AKG claims that the Q701 is the "the most accurate and responsive reference headphones we‘ve ever produced". Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Line Reference-Class Premium Headphones - Black at TechRadar. u/Greek-Fi. AKG is a leader in headphone design, and the Q701 inherits numerous excellent technical features from the K 701. Lieven. Read … Wes Philips' review of the AKG K 701. By Sherri L. Smith 25 March 2014 I realised they would need a headphone amp so I bought a Fiio E7, this gave a fair sound but was still lacking in the volume department. The AKG Q701 reference-class premium headphones represent a momentous partnership with AKG and one of the most accomplished musicians of the 20th century: Quincy Jones, an American icon whose productions include the best-selling album (Thriller) and single ("We Are the World") of all time. Close. I've recently bought a pair of AKG Q701 headphones to use with my ipod and iMac computer. They are my first serious headphone, so I can’t make a comparison with other headphones, but I am definitely not disappointed at all with how they sound, look, feel, etc. With heavy sound leakage, they aren't great for travel or the office. Review. DT990 has more bass with stronger impact, but Q701 is still pretty good for an open can. Posted by. Celebrity endorsements are extremely important to about 30% of headphone consumers, according to an NPD survey. Before the K550, the K701/K702/Q701 was the latest model to represent the top-of-the-line AKG, and I was never extremely impressed with it, even when it was still one of the three hottest headphones in the market. Two things stand out about the AKG Q701s. AKG’s professional headphones work well in the studio but are comfortable enough to use casually. "AKG says that it has improved low-end performance by 3dB over their predecessors, the K702" Socket, AKG K702 Headphones. If you’re looking for wireless listening, Bluetooth headphones provide quality sound and can optionally connect directly to the audio source via cable. AKG Q701 Vs. AKG K702 Gear used for testing HRT Music Streamer II -> Matrix M-Stage Gaming: Astro MixAmp 5.8 -> Matrix M-Stage Quick comparison These are obviously similiar souding (but NOT the same sounding) headphones. The AKG K271 MKII can be found in many studios around the world, and there’s a reason for this: it has quite a few highs, which give unproduced sound material the necessary brilliance for a proper assertiveness. Given the Q701's size, these headphones are not suitable for portability. Save Saved Removed 0. Released earlier this year, alongside the more affordable (£149) K612 Pro, the top of the range K712 Pro are described by AKG as reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Line Reference-Class Premium Headphones - Green at As far as I know Dale bought the K812 and it is not an official review sample. Archived [Review] Akg Q701-The analysis tool. Updated September 25, 2015 Wow. With “normal” music consumption, however, the treble range is … This is Dale’s first review on Headfonia. AKG Q701 review. Audio Bandwidth. AKG Q701 review A top-class newcomer from AKG that's been developed with music legend Quincy Jones and it shows By Richard Black 17 December 2010 The Q701’s headband has a lot more tension than the K701’s. Headphone purchasing study by NPD Group. This is a solid, great sounding set of cans. Before going into all the technical aspects of the k701, let me first just say that I simply love these headphones. Review. The explosion in the headphones market means that everybody wants to get in on the act: studios, record companies, music producers, retailer own brands, fashion houses, pro audio and hi-fi companies to name but some. Q701 has as warmer overall sound. The most "demanding" of the 7 series. The AKG K701s feature a standard over-ear design, with an open back for an increased sound stage. First thing first, the K701 sounded very cheap new, but improves a lot over time. AKG has reacted to the headband criticism and now offers the K701 & K702 with a flat leather headband to minimize pain caused by the hard "nubs" of the original version. 2 years ago. The bass on the K701 is about 4db quieter than the Q701. The k701 are currently AKG's top of the line headphones replacing the k1000's (which have been around since 1989) at a much lower price tag. Patrick Mahinge July 12, 2016 130 0. I'm the first to give a review, will edit after more ppl give more opinion on the K701. However, the Q701 is no longer in production and so you have to live with the original headband, if you can still get hold of a Q701 and are not a handicraft king [Review] Akg Q701-The analysis tool. As with all open-back headphones, the AKG K701 are not meant to keep your music in or the world around you out. The K240 “Sextett”, the K340 Hybrid Electrostatic, to the legendary K1000. Just know that the difference may be slight, as the Q701’s sound-stage has … There is just overall more bass on the Q701. I don't think I will be getting any other headphones anymore, except maybe the K1000. To be honest I was never a big fan of AKG headphones. 105 dB SPL at 1 V. Since 1 V makes 16 mW into 62 Ω, 1 mW of input ought to return 93 dB SPL, which is how most headphones are rated and which confirms that these are very insensitive headphones. Among them are the 65th-anniversary AKG K702 reference headphones, upon which the Limited Edition K7XX—being reviewed here—are based. AKG Q701 Review AKG nets another fantastic set of headphones, endorsed by the Q-man himself. AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones Review The AKG Q 701 headphones offer impressively accurate audio in a unique and comfortable design. 2. The Q701 has an 8 bump headband while the K701 (Austrian model) has 7 bumps. Plug, AKG K702 cord. Recabling services for AKG cans by Moon Audio. So, AKG decided to relaunch its older, but still among the best, headphones AKG K701 as Quincy Jones Q701. Inside the no-frills box, you’ll find these headphones, along with a 10 ft (3 m) removable headphone cable that terminates in a 3.5 mm plug. Oh mama, was I ever excited when I heard rumors of the existence of AKG's K 701!If you're among the audiophiles who sneer at those of us who like headphones, you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking I must lack a rich inner life.. There was two bumps of noticeable sound difference at sumwhere 150 hours and 400 hours. "Everything it Takes to Become a Classic" press release from AKG.

akg q701 review

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