As previously mentioned, the whippet gets along famously with other dogs and even prefers them. Laura Horton, MSc (Merit), is the founder of, a website that helps you be your dog’s best friend. Start by buying with caution, adding raw foods, and eliminating gluten. Hound dogs: Is a natural hunter the right dog for you? Required fields are marked *. A whippet should not be left alone with small family pets like guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and even cats because its in his instinct to go after the prey (pets) resulting in injury or death. Perhaps the most demonstrative and obedient of the true sighthounds, the whippet makes an ideal pet for people who want a quiet house dog and absolutely devoted companion. The portrayal hails back to the origins of the so-called “poor man’s racehorse” when this nimble but swift little dog was used in Northern England for racing and hunting. Temperament:The temperament of the Whippet is affectionate, playful, and calm. Females can be a little more complex and strong-willed, but are equally devoted to their owners. However, if you like nice, quiet dogs who are easy to maintain, do well with older children and other dogs, and will love lounging on your lap as much as romping in the yard, then the whippet is the perfect fit for you. […], Gastric ulcers in dogs are caused by infections or diseases and are most common in German Shepherds and Rottweilers. Both sexes make excellent pets. Whippets do very well with other dogs and loves … A Bedlington Whippet is independent and intelligent. With the Whippet’s “born to run” lineage and the Labrador’s heritage as a retriever, a Lab x Whippet is going to be a high-energy dog who requires plenty of play time and exercise to thrive. ... they will be a great couch companion. They rarely show aggression and enjoy their families. Because whippets are hunters and chasers by nature, they have a strong prey drive. Cirneco dell’Etnas tend to have a lot and frequent health issues. These are also naturally very clean dogs with hardly any odor, who rarely need bathing and only occasional grooming. You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an animal shelter or rescue group.With an adult dog, … Be sure to introduce plenty of variety during training. 1. Resembling a small greyhound, the coat is short and smooth and comes in several colors and markings. History; The Whippet was developed at the end of the 19th century through crossing among the Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound, and another terrier type dog.Its name derives from the expression "whip it," meaning “to move quickly.” The Whippet is an outstanding track racer over short distances, reaching speeds of up to 37 miles per hour (60 km per hour), reaching those speeds in seconds! They are famously agile, as well as intelligent. Back to Whippet Behavior. In fact, the word “whippet” comes from a now unused word from the 17th-century that once meant “to move briskly.”. She is also a registered health professional with a long career in diagnostic imaging and health research. Go from Whippet Personality to Homepage. Fairly intelligent, most whippets are very easy to train, and when kept on a strict schedule, house training should be a breeze. He is not a vocal dog and therefore does not make the best guard dog. The whippet is a very elegant, small to medium sighthound, which means they eye their quarry before giving chase. If you are looking at bringing a whippet home, then you’ll likely be wondering about the whippet temperament. Because there is not the thing you do not or barking or crying in vain, to impose, this dog elegant elegance is also suitable for domestic interior. The German Whippet combines the traits of two very popular and proven breeds to create a dog that is protective and intelligent, but is slightly more refined and has the gentle and fun-loving nature that is highly … While whippets are related to the greyhound and Italian greyhound from cross-breeding hundreds of years ago (and are often mistaken for these similarly-shaped dogs), this sleek and friendly breed is in a class of its own. Coronavirus and dogs: Can canines get COVID-19? The Whippet Border Collie Mix. History has a big impact on the typical whippet temperament. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It belongs to Hound breeding category as per AKC standards. Because of this, he does excellent with children, does not bark very often, and will help to keep your home pest-free as far as rodents are concerned. Because of the whippet’s hunting background, he has a high prey drive. Whippets are remarkably sturdy and generally robust, healthy dogs. If you are getting an older dog, you may need to consider some training to integrate your cat and dog. Any dog can develop obnoxious levels of barking, digging, and other undesirable behaviors if he’s bored or unsupervised. Whippets don’t tend to smell, so bathing should be on a need-to-do basis. Whippet is very gentle and quiet temperament. training is easier if it’s started early. Find more dog breeds and dog care information at … They are fairly low-maintenance, but require attention around cats and wildlife, since they have a tendency to chase after them. The whippet’s medium size makes him an excellent candidate for smaller or larger homes. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about whippets. Both the Whippet and the Italian Greyhound are agreeable, cheerful companions and do well with children and other household pets. The dogs are affectionate, intelligent, sweet-natured, and loyal. Love your comment and agree fully, We have a pedigree Whippet pup of 5 months, and what a fantastic hound he is. The Whippet is a healthy breed, but there are certain health issues that you should check with your vet regularly. The whippet is meant to be an indoor dog as he does not like the cold, rain or snow. A Bedlington Whippet is independent and intelligent. Dogs are, after all, not generic, and a whippet is very, very different to live with than a setter or a shepherd. If you have a park or an area where they can be off-leash, they are sure they are safe or trained to come when called if they wander too far. The whippet’s history and the reasons for which he was bred have had a strong impact on the modern-day whippet temperament. TEMPERAMENT. History; The Whippet was developed at the end of the 19th century through crossing among the Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound, and another terrier type dog.Its name derives from the expression "whip it," meaning “to move quickly.” The Whippet is an outstanding track racer over short distances, reaching speeds of up to 37 miles … About the Whippet Pitbull Mix: The Pit Whip is a protective, sensible, and loyal dog. Therefore, a house … Although he will likely hide before he bites, it is still best to supervise the whippet around younger, rougher children. The whippet is pretty easy to identify, with his slender body and his reputation as an agile, swift-moving dog, but what is the whippet temperament like? Whipperman (Doberman x Whippet Hound) Devoted, loyal, loving, intelligent, alert, and loyal defines the temperament of the Whipperman the best. Generally it diesatan age of 12-14 years. The Whippet is a medium-sized, slender breed belonging to the hound group. When walking your whippet, you will always want to keep him on a leash and only let him loose in secure areas. He typically slept inside and was an adored family pet, enjoying all the comforts of home, just as most modern-day pet dogs do. Males tend to be only slightly larger than females, around 22 inches from the ground to shoulder, and 25 to 45 pounds in weight. Whippet Vs Italian Greyhound Temperament. Whippet Temperament and Personality. Whippets are mildly stubborn, but also very sensitive. hot weather tolerant. Whippets made their way from England to America when mill owners traveled to Massachusetts in the 19th century. Their sensitive nature can make them a little nervous in a harsh environment. Even if agitated, he is more likely to go hide than to growl and snap at them. By entering your information, you agree to allow us to contact you in accordance with our privacy policy. Admittedly he’s a strong whippet, bred for hare coursing rather than a straight-line racing, but not _that_ strong. Prospective owners should prepare for an intelligent but sometimes stubborn dog. They need exercise and should be involved in activities and exercise regularly. The exuberant whippet personality mellows with age. This is portrayed in their ability to change job roles, from hunter to family pet. If out and about in the winter months, a warm coat will keep them safe. Trainability […], Dogs commonly contract leptospirosis. Both the Whippet and the IG are intelligent, trainable dogs. There isn't a finer companion than your mature whippet. Puppy training 101: 7 tips to start your dog off right, Hound dogs can be more difficult to train, but when…, Start obedience training for your Vizsla early. Temperament. Whippets are highly intelligent and will want to please you. You’ll have to have lots of energy in those first three years and a very secure space to keep him contained in the beginning. Prospective owners should prepare for an intelligent but … Temperaments Of Whippet. It is not at all an aggressive dog but is gentle and calm. Good nutrition is also important to ensure your whippet maintains optimum condition. With the free e-zine you'll get a house training flash course plus a handy infographic. While generally not stubborn, they’re independent and not the easiest breed to train. The most effective methods of training a Whippet involve running (no surprise) and games. Subscribe to my Free Newsletter! Lurcher Breed Review: Contents. The Intelligent Whippet Temperament. Sometimes referred to as a hybrid or a designer dog, crossbreed like a whippet mix or greyhound mix are surrounded by equal amounts of criticism and approval. Behavior: The Whippet is a sighthound, so if they see any small animals running, they quickly start chasing them. strong loyalty tendencies. Both the Whippet and Poodle are high energy dogs who are agile and intelligent. … It is not that the whippet is being mean or cruel by going after smaller animals; it is simply that he is following his natural instincts. I’m afraid I have to disagree on some of the points you make here. Low: The Basenji if one of the dog breeds that have the lowest degree of obedience intelligence. Temperament. You should also prepare to have a secured backyard with a fence that is at least five feet tall since the whippet can easily leap over anything shorter. The Whippet Pitbull mix is also known as Pit Whip. ... Whippet Temperament: Whippets are known for their speed and, while they have bursts of energy, they are truly a relaxed breed. Although the whippet was used for racing and hunting, he also spent much of his time indoors with his family. Temperament: Intelligent, energetic, hard-working; Let’s look at what we will cover in this guide. Much like the greyhound, the whippet is athletic, known for his agility and speed. Because they are easy to accommodate, whippets are easy to travel with and love being out and about with you. However, the whippet is an occasional shedder, so allergy sufferers should keep that in mind. Whippets are naturally skinny dogs and have a tiny amount of body fat. They are usually…, The Papillon is a perfect balance between playfulness and grace.…, Filed Under: Dog Breeds Tagged With:, Small dogs. They respond favorably only to calm, upbeat training methods that emphasize praise and food. The whippet is a medium-sized breed of dog who originally descended from the famous greyhound in England. Still, remember he is a fragile dog who only weighs up to 20 pounds, and should be handled gently, especially by children. If they have been brought up with a cat, they will never think of your puss as prey. Take three steps to improve your dog's diet. The modern-day whippet has very few health issues and a nice long life span of 12-15 years. However, he is excellent with other household dogs, and prefers the “pack-dog” lifestyle, becoming fairly attached to his doggy siblings. Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding. Sign up for's monthly newsletter. My pure bred Kennel Club registered whippet weights between 17 and 18 kilos, which is getting on for twice the 20lb you state. For this reason, he should not be left unsupervised around smaller household pets, such as guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and even cats. Not only are they smart and loving, they are also very obedient and eager to please their family, so you shouldn’t encounter that much difficulty in whippet puppy … His loyalty made him an excellent racer, as his job was to run tracks as fast as his long legs would carry him to his owner, who was waving to him from the finish line. It is extremely sensitive (both physically and mentally) and cannot … In 1888, the American Kennel Club officially recognized and registered the whippet as its 46th dog breed. Like all dogs, whippets love to run freely. A Yorkshireman is often characterized by the flat-cap on his head and the whippet at his side. The whippet is a devoted companion. It can be said that the apartment even easy to tame at Home, and ideal as a family dog or guard dog,. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Whippet Information: The full name of this breed is English Whippet. The whippet is extremely easy to groom. Whippet Lab Mix Temperament. This is portrayed in their ability to change job roles, from hunter to family pet. apartment-friendly. […], Bringing your fur babies on an adventure requires you to keep them safe and bring all of the adventure essentials required. Males tend to run one to two inches … This breed can become timid if they haven’t been introduced to strangers, other dogs, and new places. However, the Whippoo is not a purebred dog and will range in several different coat colors and physical qualities. A prospective owner should also keep in mind that although whippets are known to be primarily quiet and calm dogs by nature, they mature rather slowly. And if you socialize your dog from puppyhood around people and other dogs, both Whippets and … Intelligence plays a big part in the whippet temperament. A cross between the intelligent Border Collie and … As stated earlier, the Whipoodle is a cross between two dog breeds that have relatively the same personality. The whippet is a fascinating breed with an interesting origin and very particular breeding methods. Temperament of whippets Before you panic at the thought of whippet puppy training, take heart, because whippets are actually one of the easiest breeds to train. This dog is alert and will respond whenever its name is called. They rarely bark, so neighbors will hardly be aware of them. They can be a good choice for a family with more active, young children. Whippets are sighthounds, bred to hunt without commands from the hunter. Also, whippets are unlikely to present problems to allergy sufferers, not because of how much or how little they shed their coats, but because the have no undercoat, unlike most dogs. With the free e-zine you'll get a house training flash course plus a handy infographic. Schipperkes are active, intelligent and curious dogs and have stubborn tendencies. Don’t let that discourage you: They are very intelligent and all can learn house manners easily, like sit, down, and stay. For the first three years or so, your whippet pup will be a bit wild. Whippets are suitable for homes with fenced yards or a garden. We recommend waiting until they are older to get a whippet. And because of their intense speed, people also consider them as “miniature Greyhounds,” and these dogs still work as racing dogs. The nails should be checked and trimmed periodically, but well-exercised dogs will wear them down naturally. Training a whippet to obey basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down or come is very easy with this intelligent canine. In other words, he may alert you that someone is at the door, but he’s far from being a true guard dog. In a calm quiet personality, also intelligent. The whippet made a renowned rabbit, hare and rat hunter. The Whippet should never be roughly trained, for it is extremely sensitive, both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding. It is calm indoors but loves to run and play outdoors. Also keep in mind that the whippet personality usually results in him choosing one person in the family to be “his” person. Pitwhip (Pitbull x Whippet Hound)Loyal, loving, and adorable, the Pitwhip could … If your whippet respects you and you are the leader of the pack, you will be rewarded with a devoted, obedient companion. They are highly energetic and require a good exercise routine every day to keep them happy. Whippets are sweet, intelligent, and very loyal to their family, but … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you have other household dogs, that’s always a plus. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Males tend to be slightly more loyal and enjoy repetitive play. Whippet. Catching the signs of leptospirosis in dogs early leads to prompt treatment and better recovery odds. Also known as the English whippet or snap dog, the whippet comes in several colors and coats. This is why, if you have smaller animals in the household, a whippet is probably not the best dog for you. She’s also cleaner than most other dogs, and she doesn’t mind traveling. They are quiet, calm, affectionate, and excellent with kids and other dogs. Remember, he has a very short coat and gets cold easily. Unlike many other breeds, the males are as easy to housebreak, and no more aggressive than the females. She does love my husband the best but, she’s loyal to me as well. The Doberman’s guarding skills and the Whippet’s friendly nature can be observed in this breed to the fullest. Considered to be a sight hound, the whippet was primarily bred for hunting his prey by sight. We chose to have whippets for precisely this reason, and there has never been a problem. At What Age Is A Dog Considered An Adult. He is also an excellent escape artist who can learn how to open doors, get into cabinets and sometimes even the fridge. For instance, if he sees a small rabbit or squirrel, or anything really that he deems as prey, he will take off after it in a flash and you will have no chance of catching him. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. Most sighthounds tend to be touch-sensitive, tending to startle a bit when touched unexpectedly or grabbed for a hug. You got this bred right. Whippets are experts at finding things and figuring out how to get out of risky situations. This very devoted companion is quiet and calm in the home. It originally belongs to England. Temperament and Intelligence The Whippet temperament is wonderfully gentle, affectionate, and quiet. These affectionate, intelligent dogs are sweet-natured and loyal. It’s important to remember that they may be easily distracted by something they feel the need to chase. Considering his history, we can label the whippet dog as loyal, fast, intelligent and mild-mannered. Both the Whippet and the IG are intelligent, trainable dogs. If you are considering getting a whippet, you need to carefully consider whether or not you can offer the best possible environment for this breed. I'm planning on getting a baby whippet, but I'm very big on training and behaviour. […], Get the essentials you need to take your dog on an adventure, Leptospirosis in dogs: Protect your pup from this danger. She is the best dog we’ve ever had. They do have a keen and alert personality, which makes them very trainable. My whippet lives with me and my family from the time she was 5 weeks old until her untimely death at 17. Sometimes he may choose to ignore certain commands. Any family that is thinking about getting a new dog this bred would be a good choice. Intelligence plays a big part in the whippet temperament. Intelligence & Training. He is friendly with strangers and isn’t the most vocal of the dog breeds. They Get Cold. The whippet is an adaptable dog who enjoys being outdoors as well as inside. At first glance, the Whippet seems like the perfect dog — he’s friendly to guests and strangers, doesn’t mind snoozing the day away, has a manageable size, and doesn’t bark excessively. The prey drive may be higher in some whippets than others, so supervised introductions are advised if you own other small animals. Whippets have a very high prey drive due to their hunting background. and Lowe, M., “The English Whippet,” Second Edition. The whippet resembles a small greyhound. The information you need to keep your dog happy, healthy, playful and loyal. Socialization must start as early as possible. They have very little body fat, so that they can appear skinny at times. For this reason, they also find it hard to tolerate cold weather. The whippet is extremely gentle with children and can make an excellent companion for them. Intelligent, quiet and friendly, Whippets make great companions as long as they get plenty of exercise. The whippet is not the kind of dog breed one would want to let run free outside. This breed can become timid if they haven’t been introduced to strangers, other dogs, and new places. Minimal shedding of the sleek and smooth coat means an occasional light brushing is sufficient. He is a VERY live wire at the moment as Whippet pups are, but he is so loving to us and our 1 year old Jack Russel Terrier. Training. This dog is alert and will respond whenever its name is called. These sensitive, affectionate dogs are amiable and good with kids, other dogs, and your friends. It is of medium size type. It may be a running fiend on the track, but it is a certified softie off it. 12. Do you think they could learn the basic behaviours, not to develop … There isn't a finer companion than your mature whippet. Average: Whippet's has average obedience intelligence. The flip-side of this, of course, is that they don’t make ferocious guard dogs. Get more news to help keep your dog healthy delivered right to your inbox. Despite its athleticism, this hound is a couch potato. They are equally satisfied with a good walk on a leash, as long as it’s regular. Is an Affenpinscher the right dog for you. However, if you are here to learn the ins and outs of the whippet temperament, read on. He’ll happily greet new friends and strangers as they enter your home, having no concept of mistrust. The whippet does well with children. These intelligent dogs acquire the best of traits from both their parents breeds and are very adaptable. I won't consider another dog (done lots of research) and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if whippets are intelligent? We have a 9 year old whippet mix. Coile, D.C., Ph.D. “Whippets, A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual”, Coren, S., “Why We Love the Dogs We Do: How to Find the Dog That Matches Your Personality”, Mosher, D.S., et al., “A Mutation in the Myostatin Gene Increases Muscle Mass and Enhances Racing Performance in Heterozygote Dogs,” PLOS Genetics, Parker, H.G., “Genetic Structure of the Purebred Domestic Dog”, Stafford, K.J., “Opinions of Veterinarians Regarding Aggression in Different Breeds of Dogs,” New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 44, Issue 4, Pages 138 to 141, Walsh, E.G.

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